MySQL Workbench 5.2.16 is a beta release, which comes with upgraded query browser, upgraded system administrator and addition features of workbench as a all in one bundle.

I was using workbench 5.0 earlier and the changes in 5.2.16 is very much visible. Best thing I could utilize is printing the ER diagrams to pdf files and other file formats. It’s now lot more easier to use and seems like many bugs have been addressed.

The 5.2.16 beta release is enabled to store passwords in OSX-keychain, gnome-keyring or on windows in a encrypted password-vault-file
New wizard added and reworked the “new server instance”.
Features like SQL templates from object context-menu to copy statements to clipboard or right into the query area
Administration module stabilization has been improved
Added option to change the placement of the sidebar in query mode (windows only currently)

Optimization options where you can check the variables and add them to you my.cnf directly from the workbench application

Many more features… get the download at